The future is not looking bright for our planet.

Pollution and poverty present us with pressing emergencies which we can no longer afford to put off dealing with. Courageous and decisive choices are needed from the world’s governments. However, even small actions and gestures such as this book can lead to big changes. This is a book which is a mixture of fantasy, magic and humour but which also contains practical hints and simple messages for protecting the environment. A book which is a fantastical journey into an imaginary world where waste products come to life. A dream world which, if man tried hard enough could become reality. A book which can bring about change by sending a message to those who are sensitive and open-minded enough to absorb it: children. Children are the conscious adults of tomorrow who can affect opinions today by using their natural simplicity and honesty to influence the sometimes cold and selfish mentality of adults. There is only one effective way for children to learn and that is to teach them by having fun and allowing them to use their imagination. This is a tale which is educational and in which waste products are brought to life, humanised and loved. Because to love the environment is to love life.